Got my new headphones dt 770 the limited black edition. they are very good so far but obviously pricy unless your into audio.


This is another journal that i feel like updating. Im not sure what I want or want to keep. in terms of computer hardware etc.


Hello. I feel a lot better now due to getting over a cold. and not really caring much about people emotions too much. I also moderate for vidlii now which is interesting.


so i feel better today after getting my sick over with. makes me feel a lot better and better rested.


So i was rejected by a service merely for having a email with "memeware" and a link to "711chan" apparently that is wrong even thouhg they where offering alternative privacy front ends. kind of ironic eh?


Some more ramblings. im deciding to switch from twitch to kick. seems like a better platform. might change this journal code from disallowing javascript to allowing it. not sure


welcome to more private ramblings. i save it in case the power goes out and so you might get a incomplete version before you see it.s


Decided to watch some Pop'n Music Lively streams. Im really big into older streams and rhythm games. Playing some "tiktok" chinese mahjong. Also doing my regular hearthstone and runescape game so i feel im doing a lot. just going to update this journal as the day progress